Lone Worker

Lone workers can be exposed to a multitude of risks and hazards through the nature of their job.

It is the legal responsibility of employers to ensure the safety of their workforce. This can easily be achieved through 247 Secures lone worker solutions We help address the key issues faced by lone workers and employees at risk with a simple to use, effective solution, that is always there for the worker.

By carrying an active lanyard whilst in operation, the ability to notify either manually or automatically is enabled to ensure the safety of the worker; once a risk assessment of the operating task is performed a large amount of risk can be mitigated by utilising the lanyard within that operation.

The Lone Worker lanyard transmitter can be carried in a pocket, or worn around the neck to enable quick and easy access if required; It features buttons, which allow a worker to call for help. It also features a tilt switch, which can be set to automatically trigger an alarm should the worker trip or collapse.

The solution can automatically be integrated into a full security solution, activating cameras and alarms to notify colleagues and response teams, ensuring help or aid is quickly and effectively deployed.

There are more potential risks with lone workers, 247 secure will be happy to address these and advise of a suitable solution to ensure maximum safety.

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