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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. CCTV systems typically involve a fixed or wireless communications link between cameras and the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

247 Secure can provide your entire security solution and we offer a vast array of skills and services with previous projects including businesses, councils, housing associations and schools.

We not only provide you the right equipment to suit your site but also the installation, support and maintenance and monitoring to provide a full resilient security package.

247 Secure CCTV

Our systems are designed to offer maximum coverage and efficiency, from one camera to a fully outsourced managed town centre system. We offer access to the same level of support and tools to manage your investment.

  • Experienced installer and maintainer
  • Stock holding of equipment
  • Latest technology available
  • Competitive pricing
  • Buy Lease or rent including short term
  • Outsource your security requirements
  • Security dashboard keeping you informed


Within our CCTV specification we consider three types of technology traditional Analogue, High definition and IP based cameras and technology. Each technology has its own unique functionality and requirements when deploying, giving advanced and more capable solutions for deployment remote access or quality.

The site explains the technology, considerations for usage and the deployment scenarios that are available. Each area has live demo cameras and footage which are available to demonstrate the capabilities and scenarios of each technology.

When designing your security we consider all technology to offer the best cost and results based on your requirements. The following guides will provide access to information and demonstrations of the technology in operation.

Digital Recorders

As with CCTV cameras the DVR or digital recorder technology differs and requires the correct specification to meet the cameras specification. Digital recorders as standard allow any footage held to be reviewed remotely via a hand held device such as a mobile phone or tablet device.

The footage that is held by all our DVRs offers and meets the standard required by police forces to successfully review, identify and then prosecute offenders caught on camera.

By utilising our compliance service you can guarantee a successful prosecution of offenders.

There is analytical software available that identifies behaviour not only criminal but also footfall such as shopping patterns and behaviour, 247-secure have specialists who can help on projects requiring 24-7 monitoring and analysis.

  • Remotely available
  • Extended storage normal 30 days
  • Fully compliant and meet home office guidelines
  • Remotely managed and monitored

We have identified and explained the different types of recording technology available on this page, but nothing shows the technology better than a remote demonstration. Please click on the link below to access these.


The technology for recording sites or people covertly has advanced and now includes cameras small enough to be hidden within everyday objects. Though an effective solution for catching offenders the actual deployment and management of covert deployments requires planning and analysis.

247-secure offer a discrete planning and installation service, along with on-going management and help when gathering CCTV evidence. This type of investigation is normally an internal investigation and may only require a short term deployment and can be purchased with rented hardware.

  • Deployment planning and justification for project
  • Short term system hire
  • Wireless, 3g and solar based solutions
  • Advanced technology
  • Full covert installation service
  • Covert camera compliance

Control Manage Monitor

All our systems are designed to allow remote control, management and monitoring. Whether the system is controlled by a professional monitoring station or allows access via a mobile device, the same level of security is applied to ensure the integrity and accessibility of your data.

With mobile technology demanding access too and control of more devices and resources, 247 have embraced this opportunity by assuring all products have a level of remote access and management.

  • Fully iPhone and windows phone compatible
  • Full hierarchal password authentication
  • Remote access to images and sound
  • Mobile recording
  • Access control for doors and exits

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