IP CCTV Convergence

Traditional CCTV systems use analogue links to connect cameras to the control station and DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

A wireless or IP CCTV system digitally links cameras, control stations and DVRs together on an IP (Internet Protocol) network. (IP networks are traditionally IT based). IP connections are generally made over a data cable network such as CAT5 or CAT6. This system can easily be utilised and integrated with any existing IP network resources such as the company LAN, WAN (router), and broadband connection.

This allows users easy access to video data from networked cameras, or remote access from home, mobile phone or anywhere with an internet connection. Digital footage can be quickly reviewed by local or external sources such as a monitoring station or the police. You do not need to physically visit a site to interrogate a tape-based system to a specific point, systems can search for motion detection, or specific and dangerous behaviour patterns.

IP cameras are fast replacing traditional analogue systems and part of the installation and planning service allows for the migration of analogue systems onto an IP based infrastructure to protect current investments.

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