Control, Manage, Monitor

CCTV Monitoring is a method of enabling a site to be monitored remotely by a central station staffed by trained operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

247 Secure install high quality camera systems coupled with sensors to detect movement.

Should an alarm be triggered, CCTV images from the cameras are sent to the central station where the operator decides if it is an incident or a false alarm. If it is an incident, the operator is able either to contact a key holder, the police, or via the integrated public address system, warn intruders that their unauthorised presence is being monitored and recorded, stopping crime before it occurs, preventing damage and losses. The operators can zoom in on intruders; track their movements on the CCTV system and record evidence, which could be used later.

The service can replace the need for manned guards in or used in conjunction with security personnel who can quickly and easily go to the scene of a break-in and take appropriate action.

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