247 Secure provide expert CCTV installation and security compliance. With over 20 years industry experience, you can rest assured you are getting the best quality service, support and custom from experienced professionals.We support a extensive array of systems ranging from basic system repairs and maintenance to complex multi-site networks with state-of-the-art remote monitoring software allowing you to view your cameras from your computer or smartphone.



Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television (IP CCTV) creates digitised video streams you can monitor from anywhere within the reach of your network or view from any remote location via an internet browser. IP CCTV from 247 Secure enables you to take advantage of security solutions and communications from a single point of contact.

Wireless CCTV

Each Wireless CCTV system option is a completely portable, mobile unit that delivers live images directly to a PDA, PC, laptop or DVR via 3G mobile phone technology, broadband and wireless LAN networks, free from most geographical restrictions.


Day / Night Cameras

247 Secure commonly use true day / night cameras which are designed to work in very low light conditions up to 0.001 lux. Work in extremely low light conditions and produce exceptional results where other CCTV cameras wouldn’t see a thing. Camera’s originally developed for bars and nightclubs, as the light sensitivity is so good it can retain a colour picture in very low light conditions as you can see in these images.

PTZ Cameras

Our choice of PTZ dome cameras, include standard Pendant systems (for indoor & outdoor) to Surface Mount and In-Ceiling systems. Our PTZ dome systems feature many software enhancements that increase performance and make programming and operation easy.


Cover Cameras

247 Secures covert camera systems are designed to provide a tailored and highly cost effective way of reducing internal shrinkage, protecting your profits, monitoring suspicious activity, assisting in the detection of crime and gaining essential evidence of a suspected member of staff committing a criminal offence.

Digital Video Records (DVR) Systems

We use sophisticated DVR’s that have the capacity to record up to 25 frames per second on every camera. What this means is that recorded images can be played back in real time and not the blocky images that is associated with older systems. The DVR is password protected the images taken can be downloaded to DVD or USB flash memeory.


CCTV Rental

247 Secures Rental Scheme replaces the sizable capital investment of equipment with small rental payments, allowing you to immediately afford the most appropriate security system for your organisation. Save your capital, spread your costs, improve your cashflow and be tax efficient!

CCTV Maintenance, Support and Upgrades

Our maintenance agreement will address any faults and issues, re-focus and clean security cameras, calibrate monitors, test and update recording settings, train your staff and meet all legal requirements of the data protection act. This provides a cost effective solution.


Control, Manage and Monitor Remotely

Remote monitoring of your site and resources enables us to a provide 24-7 security presence even when your away from site. In the event of an incident, an agreed response can be instigated including police, private or staff.